Economics is a social science, an effective decision-making science that analyzes the efficient use of scarce resources and examines the social life in general. It is essential for the food needs of the world and for economic development, life continuity and social welfare. Natural resources must be used in an efficient and sustainable way for the sustainability of food supply and economic development. Thus, the Department of Economics at Konya Food and Agriculture University specializes in the areas of development economy, agriculture economy, environment and natural resources economics, and educates students with the highest international competitiveness.


The medium of instruction in the department of Economics Undergraduate Program at KFAU, which is formed by considering the goal of competing with the graduates of the world's leading economics department graduate programs, is English. In the Economics Undergraduate Program, students get both a technical education at an advanced level based on quantitative methods and practical training showing how these technical information are used in solving problems in social life. Thanks to the internship programs in the undergraduate curriculum, students have a practice and working experience. Additionally, it is also possible for students to be included in these projects and to experience how these solutions are created in social life problems in the Department of Economics where international and national research projects are carried out.